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We don’t say we are pathbreaking, we don’t say we think out-of-the-box, we don’t say we are different because all these have been said before, so many times, by so many people. So we better keep ourselves mum and let our work speak for itself. But yes, we take great pride in providing creative solutions that make the difference. And we believe that’s what our clients want us to do. Here’s a team of creative creatures that you meet wandering around when you visit Planet Thin-i.

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Kinnari Gala


Done! Done! She utters it when she gets what she wants. She is the culprit who thought of bringing anti-comic sans, anti-bad grammar, anti-antisocial and all such wacky people on board. Distinguished Art Person, Veteran Marketing Professional, Classified Writer, she is everything that an Advertising Agency’s Director should be.

Website Design Company
  • Branding Company
    Logo Design Company
    Prajakta Panchal Visualiser ‘No idea is a bad idea’ is what she believes in. She turns a lifeless piece of work into a masterpiece of art. Her deep love for colors, shapes and designs can be sensed through her work. Her lively, bubbly and happy go lucky nature lets her put life in whatever work she does!
  • PRADNYA VAITY Visualiser She does magic with her designing skills. Experiment is something she loves to do! Her constant strive to do something different can be seen through her work. Her love for art fills color in a regular piece of work.
  • Digital Marketing Company
    Shevanti Sarvankar Digital Optimizer She is the mysterious girl that Thin-i has on board. Responsible to handle social media of Thin-i, she is the most anti-social creature you will ever come across. She is a girl with few words, but her work says it all. The most dedicated person in our team, she puts all her energies in bringing clients in the limelight through her social media skills.
  • Digital Marketing Company
    Khyati Shah client servicing Are you done? How much time more? Why so much time? She is the Pop Up girl of Thin-i, who keeps everyone busy all the time. She is the face of Thin-i for clients, and ‘DO IT ASAP’ reminder from the client to the team. On her toes always, she keeps wandering on everyone's head until the client is fully satisfied.
  • Sneha Chauhan
    Sneha Chauhan client servicing Hello, this is Sneha Chauhan!! If you get such call, do spare few minutes, as it would be great opportunity knocking your door. The most fun loving personality around,Sneha is the chatterbox of Thin-i.Talking to people is her favourite pastime and luckily it's her full time job too. She talks to clients and makes sure between Hello to Goodbye she get’s a Yes for Meeting. She walks in the client's shoes and fulfill every commitment made by her, giving every reason to trust her words.