Why Thin-i?

Based in Mumbai and with 5 years experience in growing brands, we are creative, solutions-led, innovative and agile. Thin-i was created in 2012, by Kinnari Gala with sole objective of transforming companies to brands. We work with companies to help them achieve visibility with the right advertising & branding mix. We are famous for our strategic thinking and bang-on results!

We are proud of our traditional wisdom and make sure our execution is modern. Our comprehensive approach combines customer data, strategic planning, design thinking and customer-centric marketing to help your company create positive experiences that raises customer loyalty and fosters customer backing.


we listen. we advice. we execute. we conquer.

We confidently that we do what we do for that smile of victory on our client’s face, for that pat on our back, for that peaceful sleep after a great artwork, for that feeling of making a difference, for the satisfaction of delivering success, for the thrill of team-work and yes, for the pride of winning awards. Basically, yes, for all the good work!

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Kinnari Gala

Experience :
A decade of experience, working with start ups as well as big daddies of advertising has enriched me with diverse cultures. Exciting journey from a visualiser to creative director, and finally a visionary for Thin-i.
Core Strength
Quick to grasp the pulse of clients and blessed with sharp consumer insight. My journey in this field has primarily involved creating concepts, communication and designs. My greatest strength, I believe, is translating the same while marketing and pitching. It's a different kinda high!
What Drives Me
I eat, breathe, sleep...branding.
Creating result-oriented 'out of the box' strategies for our clients is my drive! Seeing them grow with our time-tested strategies, has me kicked and raring to go. I love taking new challenges head-on, and have a proven track record of provident solutions to clients from a varit of industries- from pharma to education and finance to consumer products!
An out and out team player, I believe that the team is only as good as the leader. I love inspiring my team and instilling confidence in them. Only the passionate crazy ones are attracted to Thin-i, and I'm proud of the creative mafia that I head! Apart from work, travel is the only other passion that keeps me sane in an otherwise insane world!

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Riddhi Savla
Chief Accounts Officer

A decade + 2 years of work experience in advertising - predominantly in loyalty programs, CRM and data analytics. Worked for reputed agencies like JWT and Direxions for 4 years each. Amassed diverse experience as a freelance consultant for SME's for 3.5 years. Thousands of hours of experience under my belt.
Core Strength
A natural eye for detail and a good aesthetic sense, both vital essentials for our clients' desired results. Working on loyalty programs for clients like Exide, Taj Inner Circle, Castrol, Ambuja has helped me develop a strong base for operations and processes. CRM programs for Kaya, HPCL have helped develop an understanding of consumer insight. Data analytics, marketing strategies and working seamlessly with teams, form my core strength.
What drives me
Interacting with clients, understanding different businesses, their consumer insights and offering solutions that will be growth enablers. Having worked with MNCs, I also enjoy the challenges of helping SME's scale up to the next level. I love being a partner in their businesses rather than just developing effective communication. A lot of hand-holding is needed, and am very kicked up about playing a key role in their transition!

Shalaka Dali
Senior Visualizer
Nimish Mhatre
Senior Graphic Designer
Nayana Wankhede
Sonal Salunkhe
Shevanti Sarvankar
Digital Marketing Executive
Vinav Nair
Accounts Executive
Sayli Sane
Accounts Executive
Sheetal Maske
Copy Writer
Nikita Patil
HR Admin